Saturday, September 18, 2010

Week 14 - Assignment 2 : Thematic Project

This week, i try to collect all our ideas from group members' sketches and start to do the sketches for the final poster. At the same time, the storyboard and the content for doing the flash is prepared too.

Here are the sketches before proceed to the final artwork which is the poster and the flash video.

Prepared by Ang Wei Jun

Rough sketches for the final poster.

This is our final improvement after agreed by all the group members.

This is the Pre-final of our poster after changing for a few times.

This is our Final Artwork (Poster) based on the concept of

Our title on this poster is " MULTIMEDIA, MULTICHANNEL ". This poster is straight forward, television nowadays show different kind of knowledge or things. For example, I drew a half naked girl and a guy shooting with hand gun there to represent the sexual and violence contents of Television. Please View the detail. I took 2 days to complete this.

This poster is created by using Adobe Photoshop.
Prepared by me

Apart from that, we also do a flash video as a backup to present our message, creativity, ideas and our topic-content of the television to you all.

*we are not sure whether the poster can be used as the final artwork or not, so we are rushing at the last minutes to produce another flash video, hope you will accept it.*

Here is the storyboard about the Flash video.

Here is the Flash Video that we have done which is based on the concept of " THE CONTENT OF TELEVISION ". The duration of this flash video is 43 second.

Prepared by Ang Wei Jun

This video took me 1 and a half day to finished it. I uploaded it to you tube because of the AVI file are too large to upload here, blogger. What I do is upload it to Youtube and get the embedded code from there.
We have 2 final art product or artwork because we not sure whether poster can be accept or not.
In short, we really hope lecturer can accept our works.
Thank you.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Week 12 & 13 - Assignment 2 : Thematic Project

Concept, Design Concept and Design Statement - THE CONTENT OF TELEVISION

Before we start out concept, design concept and design statement, we have to do a random word or image association.

Here is the random word based on the concept of " The Content of Television".
Prepared by Lim Lee Kim

The next task is to choose a word from the random word and our random word that we chose is MEDIA. After that, we are needed to write out 4 point for the random word we chose.

Next, we have to further associate our point and describe our statement as well based on the concept we chose.

* As a leader, i have same tasks which is the random word by individual in order to sketch out different kind of idea before proceed and develop into final artwork. Each member is asked to sketch out at least 8 pages of the sketches before combining all the idea together while the I will do the final artwork.*

Here are the sketches which is done by each of the members.

Prepared by Chow Jen How

Sketch 1

Sketch 2

Sketch 3

Sketch 4

Sketch 5

Sketch 6

Sketch 7

Sketch 8

Sketch 9

Sketch 10

Sketch 11

Sketch 12

Sketch 13

Prepared by Lim Lee Kim

Random Word and Image Association - Page 1

Random Word and Image Association - Page 2

After done the random word and image association, she start to do the sketches with the combination of 4 point which is the ideas together.

Here are the sketches.

Sketch 1

Sketch 2

Sketch 3

Sketch 4

Sketch 5

Sketch 6

Sketch 7

Sketch 8

Prepared by Heng Yi Jia

Random Word and Image Association - Page 1

Random Word and Image Association - Page 2

The following are the sketches according to the point from the random word.

Entertainment - Sketch 1,2,3

Education - Sketch 1,2,3

Sport - Sketch 1,2,3

Sketch 1

Sketch 2

Sketch 3

Sketch 4

Sketch 5

That's all our sketches that will be proceed and develop into the final artwork later on by the LEADER.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Week 11 - Assignment 2 : Thematic Project

Essay or Report

And then, we had to made an essay of minimum 800 words about the topic that we have chosen - THE CONTENT OF TELEVISION.


What is the meaning of creative multimedia? First of all, we need to separate those words of each and find out what is exactly the meaning of each. The word of ‘creative’ is a mental process involving the discovery of new ideas or concepts while multimedia is a combination of several media types in a single digital object or collection, for example, images, audio and video. Therefore, the combination of creative multimedia will gives the new idea with maximum of creativity which will be applied into the multimedia in order to produce the high quality of media to the audience. There is a lot of multimedia that we will be used nowadays and we cannot lack each of it. However, the final decision of multimedia that we have already chosen is media television. Television is one of the popular examples of media and it is also a telecommunication medium for transmitting and receiving moving images. Therefore, it has already become a part that we cannot lack without it for many years ago.

The history of television technology can be divided along two lines: those developments that depended upon both mechanical and electronic principles, and those which are purely electronic. It is invented on the early 1900’s and it is still usable until today. Television was not invented by a single inventor, instead many people working together and alone over the years, contributed to the evolution of television. Early 1900's, the origin of television is called telecommunication television. Televisions were not totally electric back in the day. They were semi-mechanical, had huge bodies, but the screens were tiny. After that, it is developed into an electronic television which the system was further improved by elimination of a motor generator, so that television system had no mechanical moving parts but was experimenting with the cathode ray tube to create and show images. Following by the broadcast television, it is the first regularly scheduled television service in the United States began on July 2, 1928. The Federal Radio Commission authorized C.F. Jenkins to broadcast from experimental station W3XK in a suburb of Washington, D.C. After this, John Logie Baird demonstrated the world's first color transmission on July 3, 1928, using scanning discs at the transmitting and receiving ends with three spirals of apertures, each spiral with filters of a different primary color; and three light sources at the receiving end, with a commutator to alternate their illumination. On 1960-1980, color TV's became more and more popular. There is more countries started broadcasting, and home video recorders were also created. During the time 1980-2000, projector TV's started appearing as consumer demanded bigger screens and the full theatre experience. In 1997, Pioneer introduced the first Plasma TV to the market. Plasma technology was around for quite a while, but only in this year was it actually sold to the public. On modern day 2000’s onward, Plasma TV's, then LCD screens, then HDTV's and so on, are keep appearing and introducing to public continuously. Those new products of TV make our home look more stylish and modern.

Television is one of the most influence media that affect the thinking of someone. Why we are said so? This is because it is a medium to convey information in any industry, such as education, business, entertainment, and many more. Besides, it allows us to convey our message with sight, sound, and motion, which can give our business, product, or service instant credibility. It also reaches a much larger audience than local newspapers and radio stations, and it does so during a short period of time. It gives us an opportunity to be creative and attach a personality to our business, which can be particularly effective for small businesses that rely on repeat customers. Peoples used television to publish advertisement, drama, movie or documentaries. Many multimedia elements can be found or can be found through television programs such as advertisement, drama, movie trailers and so and so. It also plays a role in educating and transmitting knowledge and information to audience. The children of today do not need to learn to read as early or to develop an imagination. All their fairy tales, bed time stories and cartoons are shown in living color on TV.

However, the advertisement in the television is considered as highly intrusiveness since every programs that is playing will be stopped a while in order to spread or deliver the message to audience. For example, the advertisements such as those promoting alcohol and cigarettes have resulted in a large number of youngsters indulging in their consumption. This will influence youngsters to join the activities of smoking and alcohol abuse easily. Apart from that, the violence depicted on television has a desensitization effect on the children as well as the biggest ill which is the increasing of obesity among people as the result of television. Television may also affect relationships between families since it may not allow family members to spend quality time with each other. It may also stop people from following other good habits like reading books and socializing. Lastly, Commercials on television are directed towards marketing toys and other items for the kids and these are responsible to a certain extent to the wrong habits and wrong choices that children tend to make.

As a conclusion, in our history, television is a good telecommunication medium or creative multimedia ever had in our life. Without this broadcasting tool, it is very hard to get the latest news in a short time. Thus, television does play an important role of media that highly affect this society and it has its own advantage and disadvantages. As this media become a fully reliable media in conveying messages to society, people used to having it all the time and it cannot be lacked of because it is already become a part of creative multimedia to the society nowadays. Furthermore, we are encouraged to explore more and develop some incredible function of television so we can have a wonderful creative multimedia that delivered the messages to us in this upcoming society. It is undeniable that people cannot live without this useful television which is so affective and informative media to our society.

Prepared by Lim Lee Kim
Heng Yi Jia

Friday, August 20, 2010

Week 10 - Assignment 2 : Thematic Project

Thematic Project - Creative Multimedia

The objective of this project is to create a work that carries a theme set by each individual group and to maximizing the structured process of creativity to produce new ideas or finding new uses for old ideas as well as all ideas must carry innovative value and not just about technological advancement but also about making changes and improvements to the way things are done.

We have 4 members in a group.
Me, Ang Wei Jun (1091100893)(LEADER)
-Lim Lee Kim (1091102543)
-Chow Jen How (1091103152)
-Heng Yi Jia (1091100897)

As a leader of this project, i have discuss with my group member on theme and what's the final product will be.
Our final decision for choosing the theme as our main topic of creative multimedia is TELEVISION. Television is considered as an important media and also the creative multimedia in the society that it is cannot be lacked of. And we will show you how we will gonna maximize our creativity to produce a creative artwork about the television.

We have decided to produce the creative poster after consult with Mr. Yap, he said poster should be no problem. However, when we done the poster, some lecturer said that poster can't be the art work of this project. He said need something like animation which have the timing. So, we have to plan again and produce a flash video on time.
Finally, The artwork that we will produce is a creative poster and a flash video which is more interesting to deliver our idea and creativity based on the topic we chose to you all.

Please check it out!

Before start our project, we are needed to collect all the information about the creative multimedia before choosing a topic to focus. As a leader, i have give each of my team members works to do to make everyone participate. After collecting the information, we start to do the logical mind map about CREATIVE MULTIMEDIA. Here are the LOGICAL MIND MAP we have done.

Logical Mind Map - Creative Multimedia
Prepared by Chow Jen How

The following step is we have to choose a topic to focus on from the logical mind map that we have done. Finally, we agreed to choose TELEVISION as our main topic that we are going to focus and start to generate the second mind map.

Here is the 2nd mind map that we have done where the information is focus on the TELEVISION.

This is the 1st focus mind map and our content is not enough after consulting with lecturer.
Prepared by me

After consulting, we decided to do another focus mind map.

Here are the 2nd focus mind map which is more details and looks neatly. And our focus topic is THE CONTENT OF TELEVISION.
Prepared by Ang Wei Jun

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Random Association

Image above is a random association exercise given in the class.

A random association can be defined as a design technique in order to get the good idea.
It's a formula to generate the fresh idea. Sometimes when rushing or totally out of ideas, it might be helpful for us, the designers.
SO, how does it work ? Is it really works and designers can get the ideas in a moment?
You can randomly create an image or word with a situation which we want to solve.
Connect the 2 given objects and come out with other random words as long as using the aspect of words as a metaphor. It can be a mind map of your random words.
When have a lots of words, brain will process it and connect it to the problem that you want to solve to get the best solution.

In order to know more about the the random association, the exercise is the best way get the idea of it.
lecture gave us an image of a cat, we were ask to make it scary for people (the situation).

The random word i choose based on the cat is :
1.tail- The tail is full of of tentacles which is poisonous.

2.head- the size of its head is big and the eye full of blood.
3.paw- the long and scary pow.

My reflection.
This lesson is fun as always. i had learn a new way to get the IDEA. The random association which will generate idea. This can be say is the application of Metaphor and anology. By randomly create a word and we connect the word to make the things make sense.

Weekly creative Post~

An Advertisement from WWF.

Advertisement from the Durex.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Juxtaposition 2

My reflection on this lesson...
A lesson talk about Juxtaposition again which conducted by Ahmad Radzi Mohd Bedu. It's a fun lesson because it's not just merely talk for few hours. we got some tasks to do in the class

we are given a A3 paper and 2 rows of words with specific number, after that choose 3 numbers

from 01 to 99..
example: 25, 50, 99

then, combine the words.
make 3 sentences with the the 3 pair of words.
Interesting part:
Express the 3 sentences in images.(DRAW it out)

Images above shown the task i did in class..

The Drawing came from the words i combine..

The task show us how to think creatively, how to combine two thinks become one, how to make sense of something, how to apply juxtaposition in your design. Juxtaposition can be defined as placing two subjects or words at a same place, their contrast and similarity are shown through comparison.


The 2nd task in class

Create a passage/ writing that describe the concept of 'Love' (refer to the image below)

When i be with you,
you taste as spicy as the chili.
When far apart from you,
I miss you as miss the taste of the Chili.

Yes, it is a poem. I made it during the class. This is our second task in the class which is create passage or writing using the concept of 'LOVE' with the picture above (chili)
Well, i can say it is a fun lesson ever in MLC class. Everybody try their best create a creative writing or poem. To understand the Juxtaposition, we put the chili and love together and create something that make sense. What a great exercise it is.

Of course, just 1 poem is not enough for the lesson. i have created 3 more writings for this weekly entry.

Create a passage/ writing that describe the concept of 'Life" (refer to the image below)
live in city, hunt for money,
life can be so cruel,
live in city, look for money,
life can be just a cup of tea.

Create a passage/ writing that describe the concept of 'pain' (refer to the image below)

just like ice cream and hot tea.
With a cup hot tea pour into my mouth,
quickly i put ice cream into it.
it's pain!
my teeth hurt just like my heart do.

Create a passage/ writing that describe the concept of 'women' (refer to the image below)

Women are the mortar and pestle in the society
They make from the hard element
which can last long
They have the ability to mix everything
which create the unification.

Here is it, my poem with the juxtaposition theory. It is a theory which really useful in the design industries.

Since this lesson, so many poem i made, so i will share a 'creative' poem from

I'm glad I'm a man

I'm glad I'm a man, you better believe. I don't live off of yogurt, diet coke, or cottage cheese I don't bitch to my girlfriends about the size of my breasts. I can get where I want to - north, south, east or west.....

Author : unknown