Saturday, September 18, 2010

Week 14 - Assignment 2 : Thematic Project

This week, i try to collect all our ideas from group members' sketches and start to do the sketches for the final poster. At the same time, the storyboard and the content for doing the flash is prepared too.

Here are the sketches before proceed to the final artwork which is the poster and the flash video.

Prepared by Ang Wei Jun

Rough sketches for the final poster.

This is our final improvement after agreed by all the group members.

This is the Pre-final of our poster after changing for a few times.

This is our Final Artwork (Poster) based on the concept of

Our title on this poster is " MULTIMEDIA, MULTICHANNEL ". This poster is straight forward, television nowadays show different kind of knowledge or things. For example, I drew a half naked girl and a guy shooting with hand gun there to represent the sexual and violence contents of Television. Please View the detail. I took 2 days to complete this.

This poster is created by using Adobe Photoshop.
Prepared by me

Apart from that, we also do a flash video as a backup to present our message, creativity, ideas and our topic-content of the television to you all.

*we are not sure whether the poster can be used as the final artwork or not, so we are rushing at the last minutes to produce another flash video, hope you will accept it.*

Here is the storyboard about the Flash video.

Here is the Flash Video that we have done which is based on the concept of " THE CONTENT OF TELEVISION ". The duration of this flash video is 43 second.

Prepared by Ang Wei Jun

This video took me 1 and a half day to finished it. I uploaded it to you tube because of the AVI file are too large to upload here, blogger. What I do is upload it to Youtube and get the embedded code from there.
We have 2 final art product or artwork because we not sure whether poster can be accept or not.
In short, we really hope lecturer can accept our works.
Thank you.

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